Two Frogs

101 Crafts Under $10: Easy-to-Make Ideas for Gifts and Home


by The Editors at Butterick
Date Reviewed: November 24, 2002

As with any of these books that tries to cover too many types of artistic mediums, it fails to do a really stellar job with any of them. There are a couple of really good ideas for gifts (finally I know of something to do with the flaking tile in the bathroom!) but I take issue with a couple of the conventions in the book. First, the price designations are bogus – you could NOT make some of these gifts for under $10. One reason is that the list of assumed articles you already have on hand is ridiculous – how many of us happen to have a glue gun, wood glue, white craft glue, paper glue, and fabric glue, not to mention glass etching cream, textile medium, candle painting medium, and a coping saw? I’m a serious crafter of almost twenty years, and I don’t have all of these things. Another reason the pricing is unreasonable is that they don’t count everything in the cost. For example, they list a Holly Berry Candle as being free to make. Um. Are they giving away candles somewhere that I don’t know about? Besides price issues, the other problem I have with this book is that it assumes a great deal of knowledge about a great many crafts. An example – one of the crafts is covering a shoebox in wrapping paper. No mention is made about proper mitering of corners, folding to ensure no raw edges, or applying the right amount of glue. What you get is “Cover box and lid with paper.”

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