Two Frogs

Inside the Third Reich


by Albert Speer
Date Reviewed: August 10, 2003

Speer was Hitler’s personal architect, and was eventually selected to be his Minister of Armaments. These are his memoirs. The book is long (it took me several months to get through), but fascinating. It really is very interesting to get an inside look into the Nazi party – the intrigues, the backstabbing, the planning, the Fuhrer’s moods. A couple of times, I actually caught myself feeling compassion for the different characters, before I realized, “Hey, wait! These are the friggin’ NAZIS we’re talking about here!” Further proof of my assertion that no one is entirely good or entirely evil. Parts of the book dragged (he gave lots of technical details, both about the buildings he designed and the weapons developed while he was a Minister), but would be of interest to someone more technically-minded than me. One of the most telling observations is that Speer mentions his family almost not at all; he worked such long hours that it seemed he almost never saw them.

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