Two Frogs

Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher, No. 12)


by Lee Child
Date Reviewed: January 05, 2010

I wanted to love this book, and it had its moments where I thought I really would, but ultimately it fell flat.

This is one of the Jack Reacher series. Jack Reacher is a former Military Policeman who is now a drifter. He prides himself on carrying nothing with him but his ATM card, some cash, and his toothbrush. He buys clothes a suit at a time and discards old ones, rather than washing them. Call it his “thing”.

His other “thing” is on beating the crap out of his opponents, and overcoming seemingly impossible odds with very little negative consequences to himself. Simply put, he’s a badass. That usually makes for very fun action-adventure stories.

But this one just seemed to drag on. It meandered around all over the Colorado desert (who even know Colorado HAD a desert?), and finally settled on a kind of Armageddon scenario at the end.


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