Two Frogs

Praying for Sleep


by Jeffery Deaver
Date Reviewed: September 12, 2003

The latest novel by my favorite author. Sadly, I think he’s suffering from SAS – Successful Author Syndrome. His surprises aren’t surprising anymore, his characters aren’t engaging, and his plot doesn’t electrify me the way it used to. This is the story of Michael Hrubek, a schizophrenic man who escapes from a mental facility and eludes his would-be capturers, while making his way to the home of Lis Acheson, a woman who is still haunted by her run-in with Hrubek a year earlier at Indian Head. Acheson’s husband goes on the hunt for Hrubek, believing the police commitment to be insufficient. Other pursuers include Trenton Heck and his dog, Emil, and Hrubek’s psychiatrist, Richard Kohler. Can’t really comment much more on the plot without giving twists away, but suffice to say I was less than thrilled with this story. I’ll keep trying Deaver’s works, because the earlier books were so good, but he won’t get many more chances unless he gets out of this slump.

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