Two Frogs

So Long at the Fair


by Christina Schwarz
Date Reviewed: January 05, 2010

Set in Madison, Wisconsin, this story is all about love and fidelity and trust, and what happens when that particular house of cards falls apart.

Ginny and her husband Jon are in crisis, but only Jon (who is carrying on an affair with his co-worker Freddi) is aware of it. He is trying to decide whether and when to leave his marriage for his mistress.

There is baggage, as with any marriage, and it stretches all the way back to Jon’s mother’s youth. The story flashes back and forth repeatedly from the current Jon-Ginny-Freddi triangle to the 60s – the time of their parents’ youth.

There are too many characters. Too many names to keep track of, and the flashes become dizzying. By the end of the story (which was shockingly improbable, especially after the mundane nature of the rest of the plot), I was weary. I didn’t really care what happened to the characters anymore (which is good, because things never did truly get resolved) – I just wanted to be let off the time-traveling roller-coaster.

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