Two Frogs

The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog


by Rebecca Blood
Date Reviewed: January 13, 2005

We got an early copy of this book because SexyHusband’s weblog was one of those cited in the book as having a “strong voice.” It was also cited for a now-defunct page he used to maintain called Weblog Madness, wherein he tried (rather successfully, for a time) to keep track of all of the available weblog tools, plug-ins, courses, etc. – basically “all things bloggy.” This task – which is now virtually inconceivable in its scope – helps to show how dated some of the information in this book is. Bear in mind, this is about a medium which is all of about 6 years old, but in Internet time, that’s ages. The book’s a short read, and somewhat informative as far as the blogging’s (brief) history goes. The section on getting started blogging – examining your motives, practicing before you go live, etc. would probably be useful for someone less impulsive than me, but I found some of the book to be a veiled sneer at “new” bloggers who corrupted the form – if not the essence – of blogging.

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