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Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

It’s been weeks! Well, let’s see… we’re in the Dallas area now. We arrived yesterday afternoon and are currently parked at my mom’s house. She lives in Kemp, Texas, which is about 45 minutes east of Dallas. She lives here with my little sister, Marie, and Marie’s 2 kids – B.J., 2 years, and Alyssa Renea, 9.5 months. Both are adorable, both make you crazy at times. Typical kids, I guess.

We drove here from Endicott. It took exactly a week. Here were some of the highlights —

* Went to visit Carlsbad Cavern. It’s breath-taking. There are pictures here.
* Stayed overnight at a forest in Oregon. Woke up to snow. Played in the snow with the dogs, who like to climb fallen logs.
* Saw antelope all over New Mexico, right up next to the highway.
* Had to stop in the middle of the highway to let a cow cross the road. Apparently in Nevada and Arizona and New Mexico (maybe other places I don’t know about) there are areas called “free range” where the animals are allowed to just roam wherever they want to.. including the freeway. It’s weird; there are cattleguards right across the highway.
* Stopped at Minersville (Nevada?) Dam. The place is infested with jackrabbits, but the dogs weren’t smart enough to see them through the brush.
* Drove through hail, sun, wind, rain, snow, duststorms, and sleet all in one day in Nevada.
* Visited the Natural Arches National Park. Pictures here.

Now it’s last-minute wedding flurry time. Tomorrow I have a bazillion errands to run, including getting my nails done since I’m supposed to do bridal photos on Tuesday. Today I’m going to draw up maps on how to get to the Arboretum so I can mail them out. The rest of the week I need to make phone calls to those people who haven’t RSVP’ed to find out if they plan on being at the wedding. We have to give a final count to the caterer on Friday, so this is a must. If you haven’t RSVP’ed, and you’re reading this, please email me and let me know. Whether you will come or won’t, I really need to know.

Well, I guess that’s about it. Oh, unless you’re interested in just how many of our “children” we brought along with us. The answer is 6. Both dogs, and four cats. The only one we left behind was Yowler. He never did learn to get along well with the others, so he had to stay. It’s been interesting, breaking up little cat squabbles, and trying to keep Shay from eating Snuggles for breakfast. Oh, don’t think Snuggles didn’t enjoy it; she was in heat for the first 5 days of this trip. She’s the only one onboard who hasn’t been “fixed”, so the others were just trying to figure out why she kept making all of those weird noises. I think she’s over it now, though.

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